All the latest news and happenings at Roots & Wings

Can I Pray For You?

12 July

The children at Roots & Wings are blessed. They know who Jesus is and get to learn about Him every day. They have a refuge here at Roots & Wings where their physical needs are met and where they are showered with love. Their lives are by no means perfect, but they are filled with […]

R&W Scholarship Program

05 July

We have shared with you before that one of our key goals with our children – the heart of Roots & Wings’ Child Development Center – is to raise up future leaders. Yes, it is amazing to see our children living with their families instead of in an orphanage, but to what end if we […]

What Color Should R&W Be?

24 May

Last year we shared with you about the tremendous growth we were experiencing at Roots & Wings. We shared about all the amazing things God was doing and what we felt God still had in store for us. Last year we also asked for your help with something big. We asked your help in making […]

Guest Post: Why Volunteer?

17 May

Today we’ve got a special guest post from two amazing people who we consider part of the Roots & Wings family. Joan and Loren Olson spent the last five months volunteering at Roots & Wings three days a week. They helped with everything from organizing work teams and painting, to hours of holding, feeding and […]

Mother’s Day

10 May

This Mother’s Day, we’re inviting you to honor the mothers of Roots & Wings who are fighting to keep their families together. Meet Mari. She is one of these moms. She is brave. She is resilient. And her love for her son is like nothing else in this world. Mari’s life took a turning point […]

Spring Break 2017

04 May

All of our children. ALL. DAY. LONG. For two weeks. That is what Easter break looks like at Roots & Wings. It means that each day we can add even more fun activities to our daily routine. Easter break this year included the following special activities: Art Exhibit: Each of our children, individually or in […]

Experiencing Easter

15 April

At Roots & Wings, we get to constantly experience Easter.  But you can only experience Easter once you’ve experienced Good Friday. A baby is sick and malnourished. A young boy is spending the night in an orphanage, feeling scared and alone. Children go to bed hungry, work in the garbage dump and never attend school […]

How Do You Not Get Overwhelmed?

07 April

As we were sharing stories of some of our cases over dinner one night last week, someone asked us, “How do you not get overwhelmed?” When we arrived four years ago, we were fresh and new, ready to give every child and every situation our all. Back then we were a little more ignorant and naïve […]

Thanks GMC!

22 March

Last week Roots & Wings had the pleasure of welcoming a group from Gospel Mennonite Church (GMC) in Sublette, Kansas. This is the second time a team from GMC has visited Roots & Wings and blessed our ministry and the surrounding community. This year the team came stocked with over 150 family-sized food hampers for each […]