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Adrian’s Superhero Grandpa

17 June

Daniel is 54 years old. He is quiet. Reserved. Respectful. We got to know him as the grandfather to several of the children of Roots & Wings. He would often be the one to drop them off in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon. In actuality, they are not Daniel’s grandchildren at […]

Are The Kids’ Missing Out?

17 May

There is so much pressure in our American mentality that we have to give children all kinds of experiences and opportunities. If we don’t, we are depriving them of something important. Every child should learn how to play an instrument. It teaches discipline. They must play sports. Otherwise, how will they learn about teamwork? They […]

Give for Moms

11 May

Roots & Wings moms work hard. They work full time jobs outside the home. They are continuously seeking new opportunities for job advancement. Moms who still work in the garbage dump are working toward finding stable jobs; jobs that will provide health insurance and a reliable income for their families. Roots & Wings mothers are continuously working […]

I’m Not Cut Out For This

11 April

Yesterday marked FIVE years since our big move to Mazatlan. (Insert shocked emoji here). It always gets us thinking and talking and reminiscing about the wild trip that has been the past HALF A DECADE of our lives. In our last newsletter, we expressed our need for more missionaries, and so often I think people […]

Managing Expectations

13 March

Every year we get a little bit older as a ministry, someone will {nicely} ask us, so… is Roots & Wings successful? It’s an important question. And one we must constantly consider. IS Roots & Wings’ a success? Are we accomplishing our mission? Are children being empowered? Are families growing stronger? We sometimes wish we […]

We’re Four!

08 March

F O U R. Crazy, right? We were sitting at the Looney Bean last week, sipping on coffee and staring at the ocean, and experienced serious moment of déjà vu. For a second, it was like we had just arrived in Mazatlan with four suitcases and a dream. But a lot has happened since then. […]

Cate Vanderbrink is incredible.

14 February

We gush about this world-changer of a girl every year. And we can’t help but do it again. Cate has traded gifts for donations and run a birthday campaign in support of Roots & Wings for the past four years! Cate characteristics that we love: Passion: The passion and dedication that goes into visiting businesses, […]

A Visit to Rancho

22 December

In the spirit of Christmas, Roots & Wings seeks out opportunities for the kids to exemplify love and and experience the joy of giving to others. Last year, our elementary students spent some time with the elderly at an assisted living home. This year, they visited Rancho de los Niños, a local orphanage for special […]

Back to School: Learning about Childhood Sexual Abuse

25 October

This week we had the privilege of attending a two-day conference with Prof. Kevin Browne (Director of the Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology, University of Nottingham) about the “Prevention, Detection and Intervention of Childhood Sexual Abuse.” While it meant closing Roots & Wings for two days, it was well worth the sacrifice, because we […]