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What We Wish For Our Children

05 March

Parents everywhere dream about better futures for their children. Whether you’re in Canada or Mexico or anywhere in between… parents hopes are generally rooted in the same ideas: success, love, happiness, and independence. One of the coolest parts about seeing a family empowered is hearing how those dreams change and grow. How more time and […]

Not Cute Anymore.

27 February

The kids aren’t cute anymore.  Well, that isn’t true. Damian, Ernesto, Gohan and Luis are still breaking hearts with their chubby cheeks and silly antics. But Roots & Wings has moved from being an organization in its infancy into its blossoming, yet challenging adolescence. During our first weeks at Roots & Wings, our days were […]

Pretty Incredible

16 November

This past summer, the primary kids started taking karate, then subsequently, taekwondo classes at Roots & Wings. A couple weeks ago, eight of the kids taking taekwondo were selected to participate in a state tournament. It would be pretty incredible, wouldn’t it? It would be pretty incredible if these kids would get to go to a […]

Light Has Dawned

26 September

It was our first Bible study, and much to everyone’s disappointment, only ONE mother showed up.  “You should invite your husband next week,” the pastor told her. She snorted. “He’ll never come.” She’s probably right, we thought. We’ve tried pulling him in a million times but he is completely lost in his addiction. He can’t […]