Birthday: 3/14/2018

My Story:

Hello! My name is Pamela. I’m just an itty bitty little thing, but I don’t let that stop me. I’ve got a lot of sass and a lot of spunk! I can also eat twice as much as the kids that are twice my size. So don’t try to clean up my plate till I’ve said I’m finished, because I’ll surprise you! I am an introvert and do need my space and alone time. But I also like lots of cuddles and one on one attention. I’ve been living with my grandma for the last year while my parents work on overcoming their addictions. My grandma is so thankful that Roots & Wings was there to rescue us from the dangerous situation we were living in and for helping all of us, including my mom and dad, so that hopefully soon we can be reunited as a family. I feel safest at Roots & Wings and I love that I get to be here every day. 

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