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What We Wish For Our Children

05 March

Parents everywhere dream about better futures for their children. Whether you’re in Canada or Mexico or anywhere in between… parents hopes are generally rooted in the same ideas: success, love, happiness, and independence.

One of the coolest parts about seeing a family empowered is hearing how those dreams change and grow. How more time and better physical and emotional health bring new opportunities for families — and their kids in particular.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, we’ve been sharing some of the kids hopes and dreams. But, we were curious to hear from some of the parents too. 

“I dream of having a complete family, with my children and a wife. But first, I need to finish healing and be stable, not financially, but emotionally. At Roots & Wings, I’m learning how to fellowship with others and realizing that there are people that love me and appreciate me beyond what I give them financially, but they love me for who I am. I feel weird sharing this because I don’t share this dream apart from in my prayers.”

– Daniel, dad to Alexis (10), Missael (8), Angeline (5)

“I want my children to succeed in the future, not to be stuck in a rut like mom and dad. I want my family – I’m not saying that they’ll be the greatest family in the world – but I want them to succeed in regards to relationships with other people. I want them to be more united. I also want to be someone who supports my husband Juan so that he can be a better father, husband and friend. 

Personally, I want to be a less rude person. Before Roots & Wings, I was a very, very rude person, but I am improving! I have also had a dream for many years, since I was a little girl, and that is to get married in the church.

Roots & Wings is helping me every single day; my children are going to succeed because here they are being educated. Me too. I come to Bible studies and they help me a ton. Here I can come and unburden. I used to feel a super heavy load on my back, and here I can rest from some of that weight.”

– Ana Maria, mom to Juan Diego (9), Abigail (4)

“I want to see Nahomy grow and become someone in life… to see her grow up to where she can take care of herself. I’m 63 years old, I’m not the healthiest woman in the world, and she is just starting out. She’s only in 1st grade. I want to give her the opportunity to grow, supporting her until she at least finishes high school. But calculating that, I am going to be 74 or 75 years old.”

– Salustia, grandma to Nahomy (6)

“I want to finish my education, junior high and high school. I want to have my own home for my children where no one can tell them otherwise. A place where, when I’m no longer here, my children will have a place that’s theirs.

I want my children to have good memories of their parents when they grow up. I want them to choose a good path in life. I try to be a good example and at Roots & Wings they are given a good example. The kids learn things here and practice it outside [of Roots & Wings]. Adan wants to be a doctor; I believe he can accomplish that goal, but I tell him he needs to take advantage of everything they teach him here and everything they teach him at private school.”

– Norma, mom to Adan (11), Jhovanni (9), Reyna (7), Joseline (5), Jose Angel (2)

“I want a house, a [government-sponsored] home because right now we are renting. The house I used to live in – my mom always says that it belongs to us, my siblings and I. But, what about my son? In reality it’s not something that’s mine. I have grown a lot; I rent now but I’m not going to stay stuck there. I am becoming independent. Roots & Wings is helping me become an independent person and showing me that I can do it alone.”

– Diana, mom to Alejandro (8)

2 Responses to “What We Wish For Our Children”

  1. Avatar
    Becky March 14, 2019 at 9:47 am #

    Me encanta ver estas notas a 1150 kilómetros de distancia y decir: Woooooow
    Se que hay días muy difíciles donde los avances son pocos, pero si volteas al pasado y observas todo lo que Dios ha hecho solo puedes decir: Gracias Dios! Por lo bueno y aun lo malo, siempre están tus misericordias escondidas….
    Por lo tanto, mis queridos hermanos, manténganse firmes e inconmovibles, progresando siempre en la obra del Señor, conscientes de que su trabajo en el Señor no es en vano.
    1 Corintios 15:58

  2. Avatar
    Rebeca March 14, 2019 at 9:52 am #

    Me gusta ver este tipo de comentarios aun a 1150 kilometros de distancia! y decir Wooow!
    A veces podemos creer que los avances son muy pequeños pero si volteamos al pasado y observamos solo podemos decir: Gracias Dios!!!!
    y contemplar sus misericordias escondidas….
    Por lo tanto, mis queridos hermanos, manténganse firmes e inconmovibles, progresando siempre en la obra del Señor, conscientes de que su trabajo en el Señor no es en vano.
    1 Corintios 15:58

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